The only Witness

Gloria De Oliveira

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Ethereal synth chanteuse Gloria de Oliveira weaves a tale of an impossible love story in “The Only Witness.”

Germany 2020 | Musicvideo | 4min | BMPCC 4k

Starring: Gloria de Oliveira & Karmela Shako
Script & Director: Julia Ritschel
Producer: Lilja Häfele & Julia Ritschel
DoP: Christiane Buchmann,BVK
Editor & Color Grading: Frank Schumacher
Production Design: Maja Leuschen & Lukas Stoffel
Costume Design: Lisa Gnutzmann
Hair & Make Up: Claudia Gaertig
Executive Producer: Andrea Kühnel & Anette Unger, Leitwolf Filmproduktion GmbH


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