Wo kein Schatten fällt


Premiere International Women's Film Festival LA | Winner of Exground Film Festival

After three years in the boarding school, the calm Hanna returns to her home village for the first time. There she is supposed to help out in her father's slaughterhouse over the summer holidays. But Hanna quickly realizes that she is not welcome here. Hanna's mother disappeared into the bog many years ago - and with her three men. The persistent belief among the villagers that Hanna's mother was a witch who lured the men to their deaths still persists. As she becomes more and more like her mother, Hanna also has to live with the suspicions of being obsessed with evil.

Germany 2018 | Mysterydrama | 96 min | Shooting format: 3,2k Arri Alexa 1:1,78 / 1:2,35 DCP| NDR, FFHSH, Nordmedia.

Script: Lena Krumkamp
Director: Esther Bialas
DoP: Christiane Buchmann
Editor: Jan Ruschke
Production company: Das Kind mir der goldenen Jacke GmbH, Mathieu Miville, Nathan Nill, Andrea Schütte
Commissioning editor: Sabine Holtgreve, NDR.


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