Series Pilot // Episode 1 & 2

While Juna’s father, an art specialist, examines objects of art at night, she wanders through the Bremen Paula Modersohn Becker Museum. But she doesn't stay alone for long. Hugo (Yuri Gayed), the "boy with a cat" from a Paula Modersohn- Becker painting, pulls Juna into his picture without being asked, and so Juna suddenly lands in Worpswede, in 1903. From then on, together with Hugo, she discovers the world behind Images.

Germany 2018 | Children’s TV series pilot for ARD | 2x 15 min| Shooting format: 4k Sony AVC 490

Director: Charlotte Rolfes
Script: Maike Rasch, Charlotte Rolfes
DoP: Christiane Buchmann
Editor: Frank Schumacher
Production company: Bremedia Produktion GmbH (Heidi Bruns) ,Kinescope Film GmbH (Matthias Greving)
Commissioning editor: Michaela Herold, Radio Bremen & Lene Neckel, SWR

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