Another World


A musical short film. It tells the emotional love story between two women who could be perfect together in "another world", but reality has a different plan. Above all, it is a story of first love which is also beguiled by mystery. The music video creates a strong atmosphere through its retro 80s style. It combines a modern camera with sensitive storytelling, vintage costumes and unique characters.

Germany 2017 | Musicvideo | 4min | Panasonic Eva Pl 4k (UHD)

Script & Diretor: Julia Ritschel
DoP: Christiane Buchmann, BVK 
Producer: Magdalena Schippmann, Gloria de Oliveira, Julia Ritschel
Editor: Robert Falckenberg
Costume Design: Angela Madeleine Queins
Production Design: Samantha Hanses
Hair&Make Up: Nadja Neumann

Full Cast & Crew

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